AIDS Action

AIDS Walk & Run Boston benefits AIDS Action, the leading provider of prevention and wellness services for people living with HIV/AIDS or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts.

Many people who seek services at AIDS Action have more pressing, immediate priorities than managing their HIV status. This include homelessness, malnutrition, substance abuse, and/or domestic violence. For this reason, in addition to HIV counseling and testing, AIDS Action provides services in housing assistance, legal support, and drug-user health.

AIDS Action also operates the second largest needle exchange program in the Massachusetts. This program helps get used needles off the streets and reverses hundreds of potentially fatal overdoses a year through their opioid overdose prevention trainings and distribution of Narcan

Walking for Zero: Zero Deaths. Zero New Infections. Zero Stigma.  

Through your support, AIDS Action, along with the larger Getting to Zero Coalition, can continue to deliver critical services to ensure that, as outlined in the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities Initiative, signed by Mayor Marty Walsh in August:

  • 90 percent of Boston residents living with HIV are aware of their status;
  • 90 percent of those diagnosed with HIV receive treatment with antiretroviral therapy;
  • And 90 percent of those in treatment achieve “viral suppression” – a state of health from which it is nearly impossible to transmit HIV to another person.


Your support directly helps us to prevent the spread of HIV and care for those already living with the disease. Every donation counts:

  • $50 – covers the cost of providing 600 sterile syringes (Access: Drug User Health Program)
  • $150 – provides one night of overdose education and HIV/HCV prevention outreach for up to thirty homeless youth (Prevention)
  • $300 – covers the cost to send a staff member to make legislative visits to advocate for HIV/AIDS policy reform (Advocacy)
  • $500 – covers the utilities start up for a newly housed client (Housing)
  • $1,000 – provides health and housing navigation for homeless youth at our drop-in center for an entire week (Youth on Fire)
  • $5,000 – covers the cost of our legal department to support clients’ rights to housing and non-discrimination in the workplace for one week (Legal)


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